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Welcome to the Darkside!

We're a casual, social, teamwork-oriented Runes of Magic guild that's interested in organized instances, group questing, crafting, learning the game and having a good time with friends.

The guild is lead by a small leadership group, opinions are often sought but are not required to make guild decisions. All choices are made with the guild's interest at heart, members are expected to trust their leaders.

Respect members and non-members alike.
No drama.
If you commit to something, follow through.
Ventrilo is REQUIRED for instances. Listening to instructions without a mic is fine, headsets are preferred.
Expressing your opinion is welcome, but please refrain from political and religious discussions on open channels.

Build up the guild level and buildings.
Increase member base to provide a pool of guild members for grouping.
Provide a fun atmosphere for members to learn and grow.
Offer a medium for trading game items and knowledge.

Minimum age 18 years.
Minimum character level 20 (may be waived by recruiter) and reside on Govinda server.
Teamwork-oriented players who are mature and interested in advancing the guild and helping other members.
Ventrilo is required, mic is optional, headset is preferred.

Vault Rules:
We have one vault page, so space is limited. If you see a recipe there that is useful to you and you know you'll be able to produce it now or sometime in the near future, please feel free to pick it up. Runes are available to anyone who wants them, that's why they're there. Potions and food items are also available, please remember that you're not the only one looking for these items so try not to clean them all out.

Leader: Is the top administrative member of the group.
Vice Leader: Second in command.
Senior Officer: Can be several members, part of the leadership group.
Veteran: Member in good standing, has contributed a lot to the guild, may invite new members.
Member: Guild participant who has proven they're active, mature, and dedicated to the advancement of the guild and its membership. Has access to remove up to 10 item stacks from the guild vault.
New Member: A recruit who has just joined the guild and is responsible for integrating with the membership and strives to advance the guild. Promotion will be awarded when the player has proven that they're mature, active, and willing to contribute time and effort to advancing guild goals. Browse access to the vault, must ask other members to remove items for them.
Alt: Member rank and above may have alts in the guild, this may be limited when we reach the maximum number of members in the guild.

Ventrilo Information:
Download Ventrilo client from
Please set your username as your main character's name.
Port: 4283
Password will be given out in game, ask for it there.

Please use a headset as this prevents an echo effect to other users.
All times displayed are EST.
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Guild News

Darkside Now Recruiting!

Oda Nobunaga, Jun 24, 10 4:58 PM.
Darkside is now recruiting friendly, active, mature, team-work oriented players. Please read through the welcome message in the center of this page, particularly the recruitment section. If interested in joining the Darkside, contact Silverfauve for an interview.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Oda Nobunaga, Jun 20, 10 4:27 AM.
Darkside now has a website and forum. Please sign up and get involved!
So-and-so has logged on!